Lois Weber early Hollywood views

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Lois Weber early Hollywood views

Postby John Bengtson » Thu Oct 10, 2019 8:07 pm

Lois Weber‘s innovative and aptly titled home invasion thriller Suspense (1913) provides remarkable views of early Hollywood at the dawn of the movie industry. A young mother, home alone (also portrayed by Ms. Weber) telephones her husband working late that a tramp is breaking into their home. When the tramp cuts the phone line, the frantic husband steals a car, pursued by the police, who all race furiously to reach the home in time.

A view of the Nestor Studios as the frantic police turn south from Sunset onto Gower. Noted Hollywood historian Mary Mallory first identified this amazing location.

The Lasky-DeMille Barn also appears in the side view mirror as they race north up Vine past Selma.

The film is part of the beautiful Kino Lorber Blu-ray release Pioneers: First Women Filmmakers. https://www.kinolorber.com/product/pioneers-first-women-filmmakers-blu-ray

You can read all about the early Hollywood views in my post

Cheers, John

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