CAMERA Comedy Clippings December 31, 1921

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Re: CAMERA Comedy Clippings December 31, 1921

Postby Joe Moore » Tue Sep 29, 2009 10:20 am

Pulse of the Studios

CAMPBELL COMEDIES. Robert Giroux, Gen. Mgr. Fine Arts Studio

Director: W. S. Campbell Star: All-Star Cameraman: Du Parr Ass’t Direcor: Ray Hunt Type: Educational Comedies Progress: Schedule

Director: Jas Clemens Star: All-Star Cameraman: Thos. McNally Ass’t Director: A. Linkhoff Type: Educational Comedies Progress:Schedule

CHRISTIE COMEDIES. Harry Edwards, Casting. 6101 Sunset. C. H. Christie, Gen. Mgr. Holly 3100

Director: H. Beaudine Star: B. Vernon Cameraman: A. Nagy Ass’t Director: E. LeVelle Scenarist: Conklin Type: 2-Reel Comedy Progress: 3rd week

Director: Scott Sidney Star: Neal Burns Cameraman: E. Ullman Ass’t Director: M. Hagerman Scenarist: Conklin Type: 2-Reel Comedy Progress: 4th Week

Director: Al Christie Star: Viola Daniel Scenarist: Conklin Type: 2-Reel Comedy Progress: Cutting

HAMILTON-WHITE COMEDIES, Inc. W. W. Rarity, Gen. Mgr. Individual Casting. United Studios. Holly 4080

Director: Bob Kerr Star: Lloyd Hamilton Cameraman: Park Reis Ass’t Director.: W. Morosco Scenarist: Mayo-Bacon Type: 2-Reel Comedies Progress: Cutting

Director: Jack White Star: Conley & Bowes Cameraman: Park Ries Ass’t Director: Jack Ohl Scenarist: Mayo-Bacon Type: 2-Reel Comedies Progress: Cutting
(Camera Vol. 4 No. 38 pg. 10)


I'll try to make an educated guess as to the particular titles these might be since none are named.

The Campbell films could be SCHOOLDAY LOVE (released January 29, 1922) and MONKEY SHINES (released February 26, 1922). Both of these films are extant.

Likely Christie films are A RAMBLING ROMEO (released February 5, 1922 with Neal Burns), HOKUS POKUS (released February 19, 1922 with Bobby Vernon) and 'TWAS EVER THUS (released March 5, 1922 with Viola Daniels). I don't believe that any of these are still extant.

As to the Jack White films the Lige Conley comedy may be STEP THIS WAY (released February 12, 1922 and not known to be extant) but as to the Lloyd Hamilton film I'm stumped because I don't know of any from this period that have been credited to Robert Kerr's direction. Kerr had been credited with the recently released Lige Conley/Jimmie Adams Mermaid Comedy FREE AND EASY (released December 11, 1921) so he was working for White during this period. It's possible that he did work on a Hamilton film at this time along with some other director (Hugh Fay is the director of credit on all Hamilton films from this late 1921-early 1922 time period) and that the credit went elsewhere than to Kerr.

Joe Moore

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Re: CAMERA Comedy Clippings December 31, 1921

Postby Frank Flood » Tue Sep 29, 2009 1:01 pm

[quote="Joe MooreWILNAT FILMS, INC. 1329 Gordon St. Bob Reed, Bus Mgr. Holly 1918

Director: Raymaker-Smith Star: Smith Adams Cameraman: Geo. Meehan Ass’t Direct.: Mintz-Smith Scenarist: Lex Neal Type: “Hallroom Boys” Comedies Progress: Bi-Monthly

I note here that the Hallroom Boys at the end of 1921 are Sid Smith and Jimmie Adams. Does anyone know if the Smith listed as doing directing and assistant directing duties would also be Sid Smith?[/quote]

I think the director "Smith" would be Noel Mason Smith, who was alternating with Herman Raymaker directing the Hallrooms at this time. Maybe Sid was the assistant director.

Note that the film was made at the Wilnat Films studio on Gordon Street. The "Wil" of Wilnat was C.A. Willat, the brother of feature director Irving Willat, who took over management of National Film Corporation of America (or at least its studio) in 1920, sometime after William Parson died. The "Nat" was National Film, which was the orignal producer of the first Hallroom Boys comedies. Does anyone know if Wilnat was anything other than a rental studio for the Cohns?


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Re: CAMERA Comedy Clippings December 31, 1921

Postby Joe Moore » Wed Sep 30, 2009 11:01 am


Thanks very much for the additional insight into the little documented Hallroom Boys series.

I'm near to wrapping up this issue of CAMERA. Have some Roach Studio pieces for today's (and tomorrow's) postings and I think that will be it.


Film Capital Production Notes


Harold Lloyd is taking the final scenes this week for his comedy temporarily titled “He Who Hesitates.” Mr. Lloyd is also supervising the cutting and assembling of the picture, four reels of which are nearly completed. H. M. walker has titled two reels.

Harry “Snub” Pollard finished a comedy this week and began production on a new one which R. J. Cedar is directing.

The following comedies were shown this week in preview at the studio: “Pardon Me,” a “Snub” Pollard picture; “High Tide,” a comedy, with Ethel Broadhurst, Mark Jones, George Rowe and “Sunshine Sammy” and “Rich Man, Poor Man-,” a comedy with Paul Parrott and Ethel Broadhurst. (Camera Vol. 4 No. 38 p.4)

Jean Havez has written music and verses for a song entitled “A Sailor-Made Man,” which will be sung at the Los Angeles showing of Harold Lloyd’s comedy of the same name. (Camera Vol. 4 No. 38 p.9)

Pickups By the Staff


Hal E. Roach and Mrs. Roach acted as hosts recently when the Christmas doings at the Hal E. Roach Studios took place at which 400 guests were present.
Jean Havez, of Harold Lloyd’s scenario staff, opened the entertainment in the capacity of speechmaker, when he presented to Warren Doane, general manager of the Studios, a leather traveling bag and to Hal Roach for his new cruiser the Gypsy, a ship clock of bronze with the name of the craft engraved on it. Both gifts were from the employees of the studio. (Camera Vol. 4 No. 38 p.8)


HIGH TIDE is generally considered George Rowe's one starring picture at Roach although by the cast listing here it seems to be more of an "All-Star" picture. I understand that Serge Bromberg has a print of the film (snagged off of eBay) so maybe we'll see it in the future on one of his DVD compilations.

The Jean Havez mentions here remind me of an X-FILES episode I recently watched. The episode's writer must have been a vintage comedy fan because the main character (played by Peter Boyle) was named Clyde Bruckman and other characters were named Claude Dukenfield and Jean Havez.

Joe Moore

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Re: CAMERA Comedy Clippings December 31, 1921

Postby Steve Massa » Wed Sep 30, 2009 1:34 pm

Hi Joe
HIGH TIDE has also turned up in the German TV package of the Mischief Makers. A German friend sent me a copy, and footage from YOUNG SHERLOCKS ('22) is used as a frame work of Sunshine Sammy telling the Gang his adventures on a desert island with crazy inventor George Rowe.

As you said it is pretty much an "All Star" picture as Sammy has more footage and business than George. The other leads are Mark Jones and Ethel Broadhurst. They play a professor and his daughter who are shipwrecked and captured by cannibals, but ultimately rescued by George and Sammy.


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Re: CAMERA Comedy Clippings December 31, 1921

Postby Joe Moore » Thu Oct 01, 2009 9:05 am

Thanks Steve for the additional info on HIGH TIDE. I used to love watching the MISCHIEF MAKERS as a kid. That show along with COMEDY CAPERS hooked me on the silent comedians at a very early age.

I believe this batch of clippings wraps up the current issue of CAMERA. I'll be back next week with another (specific issue as yet undecided) to start transcribing.


Pulse of the Studios

HAL E. ROACH STUDIO, Culver City. Nora Ely, Casting. Warren Doane, Mgr. West 3730

Director: F. Newmeyer Star: Harold Lloyd Cameraman: Walter Lundin Ass’t Director: R. Golden Scenarist: Taylor & Hanvez Type: 2-Reel Comedy Progress: Under Prod.

Director: R. J. Cedar Star: Snub Pollard Cameraman: Robt. Doran Ass’t Director: Bob Evans Scenarist: Staff Type: Comedies Progress: Schedule

Director: Ray Gray Star: “Paul” Parrott Cameraman: Frank Young Ass’t Director: Clarence Morehouse Scenarist: Staff Type: Comedies Progress: Schedule

Director: F. W. Jackman Star: Ruth Roland Cameraman: A. Thompson Ass’t Director: D. H. Lamar Scenarist: Staff Type: Serial Progress: Under Productn
(Camera Vol. 4 No. 38 p.11)


The specific Roach productions underway during the first week of January 1922 would have been:

Harold Lloyd was not actually filming at this time. He had already finished shooting GRANDMA'S BOY but had not yet started filming of DR. JACK.

Snub was finishing up DO YOUR DUTY under Ralph Cedar and would start DAYS OF OLD under Charles Parrott before the end of the week.

Jimmie "Paul" Parrott was also not shooting anything at this time. His one-reel "C" series had gone on hiatus in mid-December 1921 (when STAND PAT was wrapped) and would not resume production until the beginning of March 1922 (when shooting began on ARE PARENTS PICKLES?).

The Ruth Roland serial (which was the second co-production between her company and Roach) that was then filming was the THE TIMBER QUEEN parts of which were shot in Big Creek, California.

Not mentioned in the above schedule but of great importance was the beginning of shooting on OUR GANG during this first week in January 1922. This series would become the Roach Studio's longest running and a favorite of many in generations yet to come.

Joe Moore

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Re: CAMERA Comedy Clippings December 31, 1921

Postby Rob Farr » Mon Nov 16, 2009 11:14 pm

This issue of Camera is now up on Mugshots:
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