[German] radio feature on Norbert Aping book

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[German] radio feature on Norbert Aping book

Postby Uli Ruedel » Mon Dec 21, 2020 1:56 pm

For the benefit of German [speaking] mafiosi lurking here, here's a nice radio feature on Norbert Aping's new book, an encyclopedia of German slapstick-based TV shows, including sound bites from both Norbert and the shows in a brief but very engaging love letter to the genre:


I already had the pleasure of delving into Norbert's hugely addictive book (https://www.schueren-verlag.de/programm/titel/643-es-darf-gelacht-werden-von-maennern-ohne-nerven-und-vaetern-der-klamotte.html), a most informative delight for those who grew up with these 1970s shows, which finally are finding back their way on DVD. The book not only tracks not only how they emerged from the earlier 1960s shows, now often lost, or American ones like Comedy Capers, but in a remarkable film historic feat, most convincingly ties their history directly to that of what may best be described as the German equivalent of benshi, the 'Kinoerzähler.' Highly recommended!


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