FIFTEEN MINUTES (1921) - Snub Pollard - complete-ish

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FIFTEEN MINUTES (1921) - Snub Pollard - complete-ish

Postby DaveGlass » Sat Apr 04, 2020 10:14 am

So the recent Silent Comedy Watch Party ( ... tch-party/) included the wonderful FIFTEEN MINUTES, which was included on the DVD 'Found at Mostly Lost'. The film resides at the Library of Congress.
Most of the film was there except, as Ben Model reminded us, the opening and closing of the film. That reminded me!
So, if you're a Snub fan, you may like to see the 99.9% complete version. ...

Film collector note:
As you'll see, the opening 20secs or so, is a doctored very poor quality rip. It's actually from a 'Comedy Capers' episode called 'Shopping for Baby'. If you happen to have that film in your collection, it would be FANTASTIC if we could replace that footage with something better. : )

Stay safe.

Lorenzo Tremarelli
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Re: FIFTEEN MINUTES (1921) - Snub Pollard - complete-ish

Postby Lorenzo Tremarelli » Sat Apr 04, 2020 11:04 am

Thanks for posting this, Dave. Snub Pollard at his best, with Charles Parrott in the director's chair.

Looking forward the Lupino Lane's DVD collection.
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