THE FAR NORTH (1921) Mutt and Jeff

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Richard M Roberts
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THE FAR NORTH (1921) Mutt and Jeff

Postby Richard M Roberts » Mon Dec 21, 2015 8:13 pm

Released by Fox May 7, 1921, Directed by Raoul Barre' and perhaps Charley Bowers, a Mutt and Jeff cartoon for wintry times and climes:


Frank Flood
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Re: THE FAR NORTH (1921) Mutt and Jeff

Postby Frank Flood » Tue Dec 22, 2015 10:10 am

This was probably a little late for Raoul Barre being involved. Although the chronology is murky, in this late Fox period, the bulk of the Mutt & Jeff cartoons were being produced by a company called Jefferson Film Corporation, headed up by Dick Friel, a former Barre-Bowers employee. Jefferson Film was owned by Joseph M. Schenck, of all people, putting M&J in the same family as the Talmadges and Buster Keaton. At the same time, Charley Bowers had a side deal making some of the films in his own small studio, so The Far North could have been made by either Jefferson or Bowers. I don't know if there is any easy way of telling who made it by looking at the film.


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