Unidentified Bud Jamison, Glen Cavender & Ton of Fun!

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Richard M Roberts
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Re: Unidentified Bud Jamison, Glen Cavender & Ton of Fun!

Postby Richard M Roberts » Sat Feb 14, 2015 10:21 am

DaveGlass wrote:Just received a very helpful message from Robert Kiss, with regard to the Jamison Dorety clip:

"the French Pathé paperwork for that 9.5mm short, L'ANE RECALCITRANT, suggests it was excerpted from the February 1921 Pathé release LES LIONS DU HAREM, which was originally the Century Comedy MY SALOMY LIONS (5/12/1920). If this is indeed accurate, then it could well be a scene from early on in the short (which by all accounts was rather light on lions!), in which Bud Jamison and Louise Lorraine were American newlyweds in Tunisia and Charles Dorety an American tourist they've met (in the French version, at least)."

Thanks Robert!


Makes sense, except I have seen nothing in the trades that indicates that Dorety, Jamison, and Lorraine are in that short. Anyone have anything that shows that cast. Does anyone have the complete 9.5 edition, or at least a catalog showing them to be in it? It's entirely possible they're in it, especially as the cast lists on those early Century's are somewhat light, but I'd like to know for sure.


Thomas Reeder
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Re: Unidentified Bud Jamison, Glen Cavender & Ton of Fun!

Postby Thomas Reeder » Fri Jan 25, 2019 9:40 am

Assuming this is from MY SALOMY LIONS, Merta Sterling appears in a harem scene as "Fattemma"! Fred Fishback wrote and directed.

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