Don Everly RIP

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Don Everly RIP

Postby Richard M Roberts » Sun Aug 22, 2021 8:44 am

Wow, another music legend gone, following his Brother Phil seven years later, even though he was the older of the two.

There is something so powerful about great harmony singing, and in today's crappy idea of "popular" music, it is rapidly becoming a lost art. It frequently runs in families (The Boswell Sisters, The MIlls Brothers), or sometimes an unrelated group like The Beatles or Simon and Garfunkel can discover an incredible and utterly unique and easily identifiable sound.

Don and Phil Everly had that sound, and also bridged that great combination of country-rock-pop music that churned out some unforgettable hits in the late 50's-early 60's, you couldn't mistake their sound for anyone else and it was eminently listenable.

They had their ups and downs, were apparently the opposite ends of the political scale, had all the prerequisite substance abuse problems attached to the industry, but even when older, all they had to do was get back together and blend those voices and the wow was still there.

This clip is from one of their appearances on A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION in 1987, a few years after getting back together after a decade apart, but it is them at their best, just the great Albert Lee accompanying them with third guitar and those great voices:

Rest in Peace Don.


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