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by Steve Rydzewski
Tue Aug 11, 2009 12:11 pm
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Topic: Here's the BECOMING CHARLEY CHASE booklet
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Re: Here's the BECOMING CHARLEY CHASE booklet

Richard, thanks for linking us with the DVD brochure. At first I thought I was ripped!
Great set of which I'm watching for the second or third time now!
Thank you David Kalat and all the gangsters involved!

by Steve Rydzewski
Tue Jul 28, 2009 11:30 am
Topic: Robert Cushman
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Re: Robert Cushman

Patty... I am so sorry to hear this. I was only recently meaning to drop Robert a letter and your post caught my eye. He was such a friendly fellow via email, and we traded dozens of stills with each other. Next to eBay, he was the largest source for my Ben Turpin collection. My respects to his fami...
by Steve Rydzewski
Sun Jul 26, 2009 9:58 am
Forum: Research Archive
Topic: Contacting actors - need help
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Re: Contacting actors - need help

Lou, you should try the Screen Actors Guild or the other similar organizations.

Otherwise hit the phonebooks and start dialing! Took me a while to find Madeline Hurlock when she was right there in the NYC phonebook all the time for 50 years.

Good luck!

by Steve Rydzewski
Mon Jul 20, 2009 12:07 pm
Topic: Locomotives and Comedy
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Re: Locomotives and Comedy

Wow I must have missed the train! I was wondering what happened to almost everyone at Now I know! Hello everyone, old friends and new. I'm happy to be here. Just enjoyed Gary's train video - thanks for the tip, Paul. The guy and girl hopping the train is Mabel Normand and Ralph Graves in ...